At Harvest Life, we believe leaders are called by God to lead, be front line supporters and the driving workforce that carries out the mission and vision of the church. As a part of our Leadership Program, we provide an environment where our leaders can learn, grow and develop. They are charged to “walk worthy of their vocation” and carry out specific duties, responsibilities and operations that position them to make a greater Kingdom impact at Harvest Life. If you are interested in becoming a Leader please click here.




  • Leadership Interest Meeting

    If you are interested in learning more about the Harvest Life Leadership Ministry, attend an Interest Meeting – held on Worship and Leadership Sundays after the 11:30 am service. Click here to sign up.

  • Leadership Orientation

    The Leadership Orientation is a session held for new leaders that helps to acclimate them to the Harvest Life culture and outline the responsibilities of leadership ministry members.

  • Personal and Ministry Evaluation

    The Personal and Ministry Evaluation is a valuable tool we developed for leaders to assess their own personal growth and ministry performance.

  • Leadership Responsibilities

    Each leadership level has been assigned a certain set of responsibilities to ensure that all avenues of ministry have effective coverage. View Leadership Responsibilities.

  • Leadership Accountability

    We understand that life happens – if you are unable to attend a service or event, please let us know by sending an email or text.

  • Leadership Forms

    We have created a set of electronic forms that will help you to carry out your ministry assignment in excellence.

  • Ceremonial Attire

    Leaders wear ceremonial attire for various events and services, including Baptism / Communion, Ordination and Consecration (promotion) Ceremonies and other special events. View attire requirements.

  • Leadership Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about the Leadership Ministry.


Bishop Lyle Dukes
Lead Senior Pastor

We are living in a time where people need the Lord Jesus Christ like never before. And it is the responsibility of the LEADERS of God’s Church to carry out this spiritual task – the task of bringing Jesus to people and people to Jesus. From the patriarchs in the Old Testament to the Apostles and disciples in the New Testament (and now the modern day church) Church Leadership has always led the movement concerning making an impact for the Kingdom of God!

Leaders are the core element of transformation and the “heart beat” of God’s will. God declared concerning King David, one of God’s chief leaders, that…  Read More

Pastor Deborah Dukes
Senior Pastor

Pastor Deborah Dukes is a “Proverbs 31 woman” and her husband, child and grandchildren “arise and call her blessed.” She is the daughter of Pastor Lorene Poindexter and the late Bishop Carver Poindexter of the Love of Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia. It was there she received her foundation in Christ. Pastor Deborah is an anointed woman of God dedicated to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ with a strong passion to bring in, nurture and empower souls for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Deborah is the co-founder of Harvest Life Church in Woodbridge, Virginia where she and her husband, Bishop Lyle Dukes, serve as Senior Pastors. Pastor Deborah is the Executive Director of Churches United, where she along with Presiding Bishop, Bishop Dukes, serves as “Pastors to Pastors” and provides spiritual leadership and empowerment to approximately…Read More


Pastor Brandon and Pastor Brittany Bryant
Associate Pastors

Pastor Michael and Pastor Bernadine Futrell
Associate Pastors

Pastor Rod and Pastor Lashree Obee
Associate Pastors

Pastor Michael and Pastor Tara Houston
Associate Pastors

Pastor Corey and Pastor Genell Boone
Associate Pastors


Minister Octavia McDonald
Leadership President

Deacon Tracey Johnson
Leadership Administrator

Minister Amanda Showell
Leadership Seating Manager