God has blessed Bishop Lyle Dukes and Pastor Deborah Dukes with a wonderful daughter, Pastor Brittany Dukes-Bryant. We stand in awe of how God has developed her into a beautiful and powerful woman of God who is reaching this world for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Brittany has dedicated her life to full-time ministry and currently serves as the Associate Pastor of the Harvest “Life Groups” – providing oversight for our programs for Men, Women, Young Adults, Seniors, Youth and Married Couples.

Our son-in-law, Pastor Brandon Bryant is also a great asset to the Harvest Life Church. He serves as the Director of the Facilities Care and Maintenance Ministry, managing a staff that ensures that every aspect of our worship facility is properly maintained in excellence.

This dynamic couple in ministry is anointed for their Kingdom assignment and works diligently in the trenches of ministry to help carry out the great vision God has given to Harvest Life Church. They are also the proud parents of three boys – Malachi, Jeremiah and Isaiah.