Mae Avery
Luffon Berry – Prison Ministry President
Viola Berry – Prison Ministry President
Tracy Bigesby – Church Management System
Lori Brooks – Harvest Life and Churches United Websites
Lisa Brown – Bereavement Coordinator
Reuben Brown – Parking Lot Lead
Melvita Campbell – Baptism Prep
Jeffery Carson – Community Outreach Assistant
Stacee Carson – Community Outreach President
Carmen Cordoba – Churches United Director
Richard Dukes – Shuttle Ministry President
Susan Dukes – Count Team
Danita Glover – Guest Reception Relations
Kevin Greenwood – Worship Team Lead
Porsha Greenwood – Worship Team Lead
Karen Hairston – Church Management System
Khristie Hughes – Office Manager
William Hughes – Pastoral Adjutant President
Janelle Jeffries – Television Ministry Director
Crystal Jenkins – Harvest Life Kids President
Kenneth Jenkins – Television Operations
Lisa Keith – On-Trial President
Leenard Kennedy – Communion
Maritza Kennedy – Baptism President
Vanita King – Connect Class Lead Teacher
Christine Mallory – Leadership Administration
Priscilla McCoy – Leadership Sunday Ceremony

Timothy McCoy – Leadership Sunday Ceremony
Briann McDonald – IT Communications Manager
Octavia McDonald – Leadership Administration and Ops Team
Minnie Myers – Temple Ministry President
Bonita Myrick – CFO
Daniel Natal – Evangelism President
Jayma Natal – Youth Ministry Director
Arletha Perry – Altar Team Lead
Lawrence Pleasants – Pastoral Security
Sandra Pleasants – Usher Vice President
Heinz Roy-Lewis – World Reach Director
Herbertina Roy-Lewis – World Reach Director
Charles Scott – Young at Heart President
Mary Scott – Young at Heart President
Benny Shepard – Golf Ministry President
Shenell Shepard – Church Management System Admin Lead
Amanda Showell – Leadership Seating Manager
Gema Smith – Spanish Ministry Guest Relations
Jena Smith – Medical Ministry President
Reginald E. Smith – Grounds Ministry President
Ronnie Smith – Data Analytics Manager
Kenneth Thomas – Finance, Training and Reports
Marvin Walker – Picnic
Vicki Walker – Horns President
Beverly Younger – Baby & Me President

Senior Deacons

Reva Anderson-Smith – Harvest Kitchen Lead
Glenda Ashe
Kofi Asiedu – New Construction Team Lead
Mattie Austin – Telephone Operator Assistant President
Kathy Basnight – Temple Team Lead
Lorraine Bedeau – Women’s Empowerment and Prayer Service Exercise Lead
Jimmy Benjamin – Church Security Team Lead
Shanika Benjamin – Program Manager Ministry President
LaJoya Berry – Youth Leadership President
Brian Burch – Security Lead
Ramonia Carter – Sunday School Lead
Keithon Corpening – Parking Lot Ministry President
Darlene Crocker – Harvest Life Kidz Teachers
Gloria Daniels – Sunday School Lead
Gary Drew – Church Security Team Lead
Traci Drew – Voice Training Manager
Pamela Ellis – Temple Team Lead
Michelle Emerson – Worship Team Lead
Karen Fowlkes
Aaron Freeman – Creative Productions Director
Jacqueline Freeman – Marketplace Inventory Lead
Vickie Fuller – Prayer Ministry President
Anthony Fulton – Cashier Lead
Dezzaire Fulton – Hospitality Manager
Joseph Garber – Parking Lot Lead
Gregory Glover – Security Lead
Kimbley Gomes – Television Assistant Director
Romona Goodwin – Harvest Kitchen Cashier Lead
Stephanie Gordon – Baby and Me Lead
George Hairston – Security Lead
Freddie Hardin
Vernette Harris – Telephone Operators President
Charles Hinds – Gentlemen’s Ministry President
Denise Holt – Baby & Me Vice President
Lamar Howard – Security Lead
Annette Hudgins – Temple Lead

Jeffrey Hunter – Youth Usher President
Andre Jackson – Young Adult Choir Director
Enetta Jackson – Harvest Kitchen Lead
Eric Jackson – Worship Team
Sonja Jackson – Programs Team Lead
Gloria James – Harvest Kitchen Lead
Brenda Jenkins-Young – Guest Reception Team Lead
Tracey Johnson – Usher President
Deborah Kinsale-Williams – Sunday School Admin Lead
Andrus Landry – Parking Lot Lead
Patricia Landry – Youth Team Lead & Teacher
Andrew Lang – Photography President
Mario Martinez – Usher Lead
Robert Mason – Security Lead
Jacquelyn McMillian-Hanna – Harvest Kids Lead
Erik Neal – Security Team Lead
Elaine Oliver – Harvest Kitchen Lead
Christine Powell – Life Groups
Michelle Scott – Ministry Support Lead
Nannie Sharpe – Harvest Kitchen Lead
Kim Silver – Baptism Lead
Sophia Simms – Harvest Kitchen Manager
Marvin Solomon – Gentlemens Ministry Lead
Karen Stona – Youth Check-In President
Marguerite Tallon – Medical Lead
Jade Thompson – Information Center President
Trevor Thompson – Security Lead
Yvette Thompson
Jerome Vaughn – Security Lead
Grace Ward – Youth Ministry Admin Lead
Joy Weaver – Baptism Check In Manager
Yvonne White – Parent and Baby Dedication Manager
Joyce Wright – Cashier Lead
Michael Wrighten – Welcome Team President
Henrietta Young – Marketplace Cashier Lead

Junior Deacons

Karen Anderson – Harvest Kitchen Lead
Aron Brown – Lighting Technical Lead
Teresa Davie – Homework Center President
K. Renee Fanwi – Harvest Life Kids Admin Lead
Geraldine Fletcher – Usher Lead
Francis Fuller – Youth Praise Dance President
Giovanni Griggs – Harvest Kitchen Lead
David Green – TV Audio Lead
Morna Green – Youth Lead

Michelle Hassell – Sunday School Operations Lead
Jennifer Hemmings – Baptism Team Lead
Ashley Jenkins – Information Team Lead
Andrea Johnson – Marketplace Cashier Lead
Latija Morrison
Paul Stona – Gentlemens Ministry Lead
Debora Thompson – Temple Ministry Team Lead

On-Trial Leaders

Wendell Basnight – Usher Lead
Jakarah Bell – Youth Admin Director
DeShon Carter – Temple Lead
Bryan Clark – Audio Lead
Lawrence Coleman – Shuttle Lead
Shawndai Griffin – Welcome Team Lead
Cheryl Hall – Harvest Kids Check-in Lead
Nilka Hunter – Baptism Lead

Marina Maya – Harvest Kids Lead
Seneatha McKinnon – Harvest Kitchen Cashier Lead
Calvin Myrick – Usher Lead
Tianna Peterson – Director of Worship Services
Lukeya Powell – Usher Lead
Nailo Sears – Medical Lead
James Williams – Security Team Lead
Kev’van Young – Photography Lead