Leaders lead! One of the signature designations of the Harvest Life Church Leadership Program is that we requires leaders to be active in actually leading. We believe that leaders should be fully engage in bringing a part of the mission to pass – from a personal standpoint as well as in church operations.

Our leaders are expected to:

For 1st Sunday Baptism and Communion:
– Reach at least one person each month

Family Worship Sunday: (once every two months)
– Invite your whole family (and wear matching colors)

Youth Sunday:
– Get your youth involved
– Invite your neighbors (youth and children focus)

Leadership Sunday:
– Show up and be in your sashes
– Invite your family

Spirit Sunday:
– Get with your life group to lead and help support of your life group event
– Lead the charge

Life Group Sunday:
– Attend and be engaged in your life group meetings for Life Group Sunday
– Lead in your life group
– Support other life groups

Serving (leadership only positions)
• Baptism
• Communion
• Altar
• Directors, presidents, and Leads
• Special Chart