Sunday Aug 9

At Harvest Life Church, we believe that some things are taught, and others are caught. Although our youth are blessed to have a vibrant youth ministry that provides wonderful and exciting opportunities for them to be brought into community, encouraged in their discipleship, and have multiple programs, services, and activities, we believe that the youth ministry is designed to be a supplement to the activity of the church and not a replacement of it.

Youth ministry is a wonderful thing, but it is not the full picture. That’s why we feel it is important that our Middle and High school youth be a part of Corporate Worship on Sunday Mornings because it allows the youth to participate with their families and others in worship and in ministry activities; from greeting people, ushering, praise team, stage logistics etc. Also, it gives them a fuller view of what church is:

There just something beautiful about people coming from all different backgrounds, cultures, and ages to Worship and sit under the preaching of God’s Word, together. You just can’t put a price tag on it.

So, come and bring your middle and high school youth and let’s worship together.