There is real power in community. For decades, strong churches, engaged families and caring neighborhoods have provided safe environments that empower people to grow, flourish and live. Child development was blessed by this equation also.  The African proverb highlights this model:

“…it takes a village to raise a child.”

                                                                                                                                                                           African Proverb

We are firm believers that if we come together – we can do a whole lot better than what we could do on our own.  The concept of “the village” is – a cooperative partnership between parents and the church that creates a spiritual environment conducive to the child’s success.

As constant “screen time” through gaming and social media (as well as other challenges) continues to redefine the world in which we live, especially for our youth, the Village concept provides intentional interactions that will bring about:

  • A Biblical foundation
  • A Relationship with Christ
  • A Positive Character
  • Strong Christian Leadership

The Youth Ministry believes, whole heartedly, in the Village Concept.  We recognize that within our aim to teach, train and disciple, we are secondary to the role of parents within the training process of our youth.  Therefore, while we do our best to teach, mentor, and advise the youth that God has entrusted to us, we do not seek to replace parents and their responsibility (Prov. 22:6) but rather empower them.

The Village concept is an understanding that, for the child, the parent has a weighty and substantial responsibility but so does the church. We are here to do our part! The Village provides an environment of love, nurture, resources, positive socialization and safety. We are focused on building that child mentally, physically and spiritually.

Here at Harvest Life, we are very intentional about providing a spiritual support system for positive growth for the overall progress of your child. What we do know is this – a PARENT and a VILLAGE is better than a parent alone.