We See…

We see an army of thousands of empowered bold soldiers for Christ on a rescue mission to reach millions for the Kingdom of God. Our Lord Jesus, in Matthew 9, requested through His prayer that the Lord of the harvest would “send forth laborers into his harvest”. We believe that we are, at least in part, an answer to His prayer.

With that said, in our REACH and VISION:

 We See – Thousands receiving salvation through the reaching and preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being nurtured and spiritually growing through pastoral care and the guidance of the local church ministry.

 We See – Thousands of trained and equipped Reach Leaders empowered to reach thousands of unchurched seekers of Christ – inviting them to the local church.

 We See – A local church that is strong, vibrant and healthy; providing a spiritual infrastructure for growth through discipleship, fellowship, worship and opportunities to serve.

 We See – A local church that is dedicated to reach and disciple thousands of Christians with systematic programs to train, encourage, correct, counsel and mature believers at all levels.

 We See – A local church that sets the standard for excellence in every aspect of ministry with the signature of love, care, customer service and maintenance of facilities.

 We See – A local church that has awesome worship that reaches and leads others to worship through dynamic services with excellence in music ministry and ministry arts.

 We See – A local church dedicated to reach and build strong Christian families, empowering them to incorporate the Word of God and Christian principles into their daily lives and standards of living.

 We See – A local church that is dedicated to reach generations of young people: training, educating and equipping them with Christian principles, godly stability, and spiritual legacy to carry on the work of Christ.

 We See – A local church that is committed to reaching and developing Life Groups through inspiration, engagement and empowerment; fostering wholesome church-based relationships as they live, give and serve together in ministry.

 We See – A local church that perpetually extends itself to reach its surrounding community through prison ministry, homeless ministry & homelessness prevention, food bank service and the like.

 We See – A local church and ministry with a global reach for third world countries, world crisis, disaster relief and ministry development where needed.

 We See – A local church and ministry that will take on the task to construct buildings, purchase property, develop real estate and more, etc. for the purpose of further establishing the “greater” reach of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

 We See – A local church and ministry that consistently lifts up and champions the local church as God’s primary institution for the transformation of the souls of mankind.

 We See – A local church and ministry that reaches millions weekly with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through media communications including television, radio, internet and /websites and social media.

 We See – A ministry that reaches out and supports local churches and pastors; providing developmental training, counsel and direction in their assignment at their local church.

 We See – A ministry that labors to ensure that strong local churches are physically accessible throughout the world – believing that it is these entities that reach and transform communities, cities and regions.

 We See – A local church and ministry dedicated solely to pushing God’s agenda and promulgating, promoting and facilitating the ways and principles of our Lord Jesus Christ.