We had an awesome time during the Churches United Convention – Tuesday, July 25th through Friday, July 28th! In our efforts to maximize attendance, we started a Leadership Attendance Competition!


Our On-Trial Leaders, Junior Deacons, Senior Deacons, Ministers and Associate Pastors were all charged to be in attendance for the convention – and we want to see which Leadership group had the greatest attendance!

We have provided a brief form for you to fill out – check the “Yes” or “No” box to indicate whether you attended / served during the day and/or night for each day of the  Convention. You will have until Wednesday, August 2nd to complete and submit your form.

Who Wins?

There can be multiple winners in this competition! The group with the highest percentage of members that attended, per time frame, will win. For example, we will calculate attendance for Tuesday Night, Wednesday Day, Wednesday Night, etc.