The 2023 Event Lead Calendar is displayed below. Click on the dropdown menu icon to the right of the “Agenda” tab to select which layers you want to be visible. If viewing on your phone, you may need to rotate it to a landscape position to see the dropdown menu icon. Utilize the color coding system below to determine your calendar view.

(1) 2023 Events Calendar – displays the church events and Event Leads

(2) 2023 Launch Calendar  displays the event launches and Event Leads

(3) Social Media Schedule – displays when event graphics/videos are scheduled to post on social media and the accompanying post verbiage

(4) Harvest News Promos – displays the Harvest News video lineup and the promo script for videos launching that day

(5) Website – displays “This Week at Harvest Schedule” and other event website changes

(6) Highlight Promos – displays which events get a post-event highlights video and the date it will air