Minister Michael Futrell is a dedicated member of Harvest Life Church. Michael joined Harvest Life in in 2009 after being invited to Friends and Family Day at the church. Min. Futrell is often heard telling the story that the only thing he regrets was that he joined the ministry on his second visit and not his first!

Min. Futrell has served on numerous ministries throughout his time at Harvest Life: Men’s Ministry, Golf Classic Planning Team, Security, Taping, Transition Team, Fill the House Ministry, Temple Ministry, Giving Ministry, Men’s Choir, Men’s Superbowl Planning Team and Grounds Ministry. Michael has also served as President or Director over numerous ministries, such as: Volleyball Ministry, Men’s Basketball Ministry and First Time Guest Reception.  He is currently serving as Director of the Youth High School/Middle School ministries.

Minister Futrell is married to Minister Bernadine Futrell. The two met and were married at Harvest Life. They are the parents to two amazing and talented young children, Michael and Melanie. The doting parents are most proud of how at a young age, their children have a love for God and their Pastors!