What do you call a group of middle and high school youth who work together to put on an entire church service…from beginning to end? Well, here at Harvest, we call it YOUTH CHURCH!

We recognize that our Youth Ministry is the “church of tomorrow”, so we are training them early to serve in ministry by planning, preparing and hosting their own church service (in conjunction with the Youth Ministry leaders). The youth are responsible for all decorations, food preparation (light refreshments), praise and worship vocals, live band, special performances, ushering, greeting…and then they receive a life-changing Word from God! This service is also a great vehicle for evangelism – the youth don’t have to be members to participate in the performances or attend the service, so bring the youth from your neighborhood, your child’s school…every youth is welcome!

It’s a great time for everyone involved, and a great way for the youth to gain the understanding they will need as they mature in Christ and in their service to Him.  Don’t let your middle or high-school youth miss out on this powerful service!

Stop by the Youth Information Center in the foyer for details!