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Your Spy Training Facility

Do you have young children and are not sure what you all can do in the house? Well let me tell you what our family did! 

One day after many days in the house due to quarantine we felt like our children were becoming restless not being able to go play with friends and run around outside as they typically would. We decided to create our own family fun right in the confines of our home! So, we created a Spy Training Facility!  

My wife and I had the children watch a movie in another room far away from the rooms/stations where we were planning the activity. As they watched the movie, we worked!  We turned our home into a “Spy Training Facility”! After everything was set up, we “called” the children via FaceTime (we left a cell phone in the room they were in) as STF Captain, telling them they had received a very important mission! On each door we put a coded message to them that they had to figure out by solving riddles that we made up. After they figured out the riddle, they were given instructions on how to get to the next “station”.  

Once they were able to make it out of each room/station, the children had to weave through red yarn taped in a zigzag to the walls and on the floor made to look like “Lasers”. At each station/door there were instructions on how to get to the next. Each station met the kids with a surprise activity. After making through all the stations the kids were led to find the hidden toy. We had a great time, and it was made up completely of things we already had in the house!  

If your family is interested in trying this fun activity, we have attached a guide to walk you through! Enjoy! 

What you will need  

Paper – You will need one sheet of paper for each room/station that you plan to set up a riddle  

Tape – You can use any kind of tape that you have, but we recommend getting tap that will not mess up your walls or floors.  

Yarn – You will need enough to create your “lasers”, it can be any color that you have, we wanted to use red to represent the lasers that we have seen in movies. 

Dress clothes (optional) – By having the kids and parents dress up only to have fun and crawl on the floor added a wow factor for the kids.  

Envelope (optional) – If you want to add more suspense you can have the coded messaged in an envelope. If you do this you will need one for each station.  

Video Conferencing (optional) – For added fun, utilize other family members from across the country to “FaceTime” the children in each room to give them instructions and let them know that “this message will self-destruct!”

What You Will Do:  

Step One: Identify how many rooms/stations in your home will be used for the “Spy Training Facility”. Once you have identified which rooms you will use, you will have an idea of how much of the materials you will need. You will need to handle preparations before the game actually begins. 

Step Two: In each room that has a door, tape a small piece of paper designed like a telephone key pad with the numbers. Above each keypad, tape up an envelop (optional, or you can choose to fold a piece of paper and tape that instead!) with a riddle for the kids to solve that will direct them to where they need to go next, as well as what code they should type in the keypad to exit their current room. 

Here is an example of one riddle that we used: Count the number of bedrooms in our home and add it with both of your ages. (4 bedrooms in the home+ 8 (Mike)+6 (Mel)=18); Once you have that answer multiply it by 2! (18×2= 36); How do you make that number into thousands so you can make it to the room with the wall that is blue? (Make it into thousands); Answer: (36,000 is the number they should type into the keypad before they can get out.) 

Step 3: In the hallways that connect each room that you will be using for the game, take your red yarn and cut into long pieces that will reach from one side of the hallway to the other. Tape the yarn in a zig zag manner down the entire hallway.  The goal is to create an obstacle-like course that the children will have to step over and crawl through without touching the “laser”. 

Step 4: Set up materials for activities that you will do at each station. Here are some example activities to do at each station:   

Have children race the adults to see who can blow up a balloon the fastest.  

Use balls (or balls of paper – or something soft) to play dodge ball parent vs child   

We hope that your family enjoys this activity as much as we did!  Enjoy! Don’t forget to record your adventure to watch for years to come! 

P.S. Upon completion of reading this assignment agent, this message will self-destruct in 5…4…3…2…1…