At the present time, all church activities, meetings and events including Wednesday Empowerment Nights and Sunday Worship Services have been postponed until further notice. Please note, the information below reflects our standard schedule of activities.

Celebrating This Blessed Season!

The Young at Heart Senior Ministry is a dynamic, vibrant ministry for those ages 55 and up. Our mission is to engage and equip seniors to grow deeper in their relationship with God, build meaningful relationships with others and live a prosperous life in Christ – while appreciating and enjoying this season in their lives.

Young at Heart Senior Activity Tuesday

Seniors come together for praise and worship, the Word of God, fellowship, a craft activity, light exercise, games and a delicious lunch – and it’s all free! Limited seating available – must sign up to attend.

We meet quarterly on the 1st Tuesday.

Young at Heart Outing

Sun and fun are the order of the day when we have our Young at Heart Outing! We get together to enjoy one of the many local attractions the DC area has to offer – it’s a great time!

Young at Heart Activity Day

Games, food, fellowship, creative expression through craft projects and more – it’s all right here at the Young at Heart Activity Day!

Admission is available at a nominal cost.

Young at Heart Senior Ministry Day

On Young at Heart Senior Ministry Sunday, it’s all about the seniors! From the Young at Heart Choir to the Women of Worship Praise Dancers, the seniors give God the glory – and they also praise God in a special march! After the Senior Ministry Day service, there is a special reception just for the seniors and their families where they can enjoy a great time of fellowship and connection with one another.

This event is held annually.