The mission of the Now Generation is to champion the cause of the church and Christ. Meaning, we are chief promotors, advocates, the mouthpiece, the workers, and leaders of His church, supporting it, defending it, protecting it. Why, because we know that Jesus and His church is the answer for the world and for our lives. Christ’s mission becomes our life’s mission.


We host powerful sessions and Biblical teaching designed specifically for Young Adults. These sessions are designed for spiritual growth, personal transformation and future Kingdom leadership. The Young Adults are empowered with interactive teaching and intentional team building activities while encouraged to use their gifts, talents and abilities for God. 


The Young Adult Ministry’s online events are a great way to build friendships with other young adults, be encouraged through the Word of God and fellowship…and have a great time!


The Now Generation Young Adult Choir ministers in song; sharing God’s message of love, hope and encouragement. The Choir sings at worship services, conferences and other events.