We take the lead in transforming generations for Christ in our community, region and world. It is our objective to produce a culture of empowerment that will shift the mindsets, mannerisms and ways of believers to a life of righteousness and success in every facet of living. We are passionate concerning leading souls to salvation, in discipleship, breakthrough (deliverance) and into their purpose in Christ Jesus. We uncompromisingly direct these souls through the principles in the Word of God and lead by example in the things of God.

We are committed to spiritual growth. We believe that development through spiritual nurture is necessary for every believer and is in coordination with their personal assignment and purpose in Christ Jesus. We believe that spiritual growth is God’s process of preparing Christians for leading their families, leading in the world around them and for the work of the ministry at the Local Church. It is imperative that God’s people progressively walk in spiritual maturity moving to being powerful assets for the Kingdom of God.

The power of the Body of Christ is when we come together to do greater than what we can do individually. We are here to make in IMPACT! We believe that we are called to effect change in the earth on a grand scale through the vehicle of the Local Church. We are believers on a rescue mission that are determined to see a shifting in our communities and in the world which we live. We prayerfully and passionately seek transformation through our ministry programs, outreach programs, construction initiatives, world reach and other God given opportunities as we seek to establish a Godly culture through these efforts.