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Waiting on God

Consider the number of times we find ourselves waiting over the course of an average day. We wait for transportation to commute to work, school, and/or appointments. We wait in check-out lanes at the grocery store and ordering lines at fast food restaurants. We wait to be seen at the doctor or dentist’s office. When calling a business or other service provider, we may have to wait on hold for customer service or to make an appointment. The list goes on. The common thread in these examples is that we wait because we are confident that we will obtain what we need on the other side of our waiting. 

What about waiting on God?  Perhaps you’ve faced challenges in this area. I certainly have and still do.  However, I am learning more about what it means to wait and also how to wait. Think about it, we petition God through prayer; presenting our needs and desires. Growing in faith and spiritual maturity certainly helped me understand that I can’t employ microwave faith to my prayers. My spiritual disposition during the time of waiting on God has a tremendous impact on every area of my life. 

In learning how to wait on God, I started applying an introspective assessment to examine whether I am waiting on God like Sarah or like Job. This forces me to be honest about my talk, thinking, prayers and actions. Am I trying to “help God out” much like Sarah did when she began to doubt God’s promise of a son to her and Abraham? These are times of being caught up in what my natural eyes can see or more specifically, what I don’t see. Seeing in the natural leads me to acting, reacting and making decisions in the natural. This of course never works out for me. 

I strive instead to wait on God like Job – with steadfast faith and patience for His timing. I recognize the difference in my prayers and how I meditate on the Word. Instead of spending time asking God “why?” or “why not?”, I spend time reaffirming that He will open every door that is supposed to open for me and shut those that are supposed to be shut. I trust in His protection from dangers seen and unseen and learn to give thanks even when things don’t work out the way I thought they would.   

Believe it or not, there is greater peace in choosing to really wait on God. Resting in His Word and trusting in His promises yields better outcomes than anything I could ever work on my own.