Values Statement

We continually pursue our work and ministry with integrity and passion for the Kingdom of God, fueled by a strong commitment to our vision and mission in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

At the heart of this ministry is the essence of Change through the power of Jesus Christ; to see people saved, healed, set free, empowered and serving.

This Change Concept is designed to reach and impact people of all ages and from every walk of life.

Our Mission

To reach and influence the world through the power of the local church, transforming mindsets and equipping people to lead and make an impact in every aspect of life – empowering them to Live Better, Love Better, Serve Better and Give Better through the power of Jesus Christ.

Live Better by moving from:

  • • Being spiritually lost to salvation through Jesus Christ
  • • Carnal thinking to spiritual thinking
  • • Depression to the joy of life in Christ
  • • Acting on feelings and emotions to acting on Biblical principles
  • • Living an unrighteous lifestyle to righteous living
  • • Spiritual immaturity to spiritual maturity
  • • Living a lie to walking in the truth
  • • A life of doubt and fear to a life of faith and favor
  • • Spiritual bondage to freedom
  • • Lack of understanding to understanding
  • • Pride and stubbornness to humility and kindness
  • • “Hearers only” to doers of the Word of God

Love Better by moving from:

  • • No relationship with God to Loving God
  • • Self-serving to serving others
  • • Uncaring to having love and compassion
  • • Being a victim to being a victorious witness for Jesus Christ
  • • Negative association to positive fellowship

Serve Better by moving from:

  • • Inactivity to community action through serving
  • • Indifference to compassion for those in need
  • • Non-reach to God-centered outreach
  • • Living aimlessly to serving with a purpose
  • • Being self-willed to actively participating in God’s will

Give Better by moving from:

  • • Poverty to financial security
  • • Participating in a failing financial system to God’s unfailing financial system
  • • Non-givers to abundant, cheerful givers
  • • Non support to financial support of the Kingdom of God
  • • Bad financial habits and mannerisms to good financial practices and responsible financial management
  • • Being a financial liability to the Kingdom to being an asset and financial resource for the Kingdom