May is here, and although we have entered a new month, our theme hasn’t changed. We’re still “Preparing for a Greater Return”. We’re continuing to do the work of planning and preparing, but I thought it would be appropriate to take a pause…take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the very special gifts that God has given us – mothers.

It’s true that everyone born on this earth came by way of a woman! Mothers are “the doors of life”, and for every child who has a mother in the home, her voice is the strongest influence he or she will encounter in the formative years. As a matter of fact, a mother’s voice is so impacting, so influential, that it will continue to be “heard” by her child when she is nowhere near, or even gone on to glory.

A mother is so many things to her child; a safe place, a teacher, a nurturer, a caregiver, a doctor, chauffeur, lawyer, a chef, and more. Most of all, a mother is love; she has a pure, unconditional love that breeds an insatiable desire to see purpose come to pass in her child’s life. Her love sees past fallibilities, mistakes and physical challenges – and it causes her to focus on leading that child into the greatest version of him or herself.

At Harvest Life Church, and especially in the Leadership Ministry, we too have a mother. And not just any mother – a gifted, anointed, wise, faith-filled, loving, powerful, strong, discerning mother who loves each of her spiritual children beyond measure…and who feels that insatiable desire to see purpose come to pass in our lives. Let’s thank God for Pastor Deborah Dukes!

For the past 26 years, we have benefited from the blessing of her strong leadership. We are also benefitting from the choices she made before beginning to pastor; sacrifices of obedience, humbling herself, learning from her tests, taking on challenges, loving others, yielding her gifts and talents to the Lord and so much more. Pastor Deborah, we thank you for doing the work that it took for God to be able to use you at this level…and we know that the best is yet to come!

I’m going to bless Pastor Deborah on Mother’s Day and I want to challenge each of you to show your appreciation for this gift from God. Her cashtag is $PastorDeborahDukes. You can also give using Givelify or eGiving. I want you to also call your natural mother – send flowers or do something to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day.

Lastly, a quick note; our new Book of the Month is “Unshakable Faith for Greater Results” – be sure to pick up your copy online or at the church for just $10. Also, keep an eye out for the invitation to register for this month’s Churches United Leadership Academy session, “Discipling While Leading”. I love you all and I’m excited about what God is doing! Get ready for greater!

Bishop Lyle Dukes
Lead Senior Pastor


The mission of the Harvest Life Leadership Ministry is to be REACH LEADERS for Jesus Christ by effectively:

• Serving as frontline supporters of our Senior Pastors

• Being the core management level workforce and

• Carrying the culture and driving the mission and vision of the Church


Harvest Life Church is blessed to have the most amazing, talented, gifted and hard-working leaders who serve as our front-line supporters and the primary workforce of the church – working effectively together to help carry out the mission, vision and the culture of Harvest Life and leading others to do the same.

Our Leaders are Reach Leaders!

• Our Leaders Reach by leading people to Salvation, developing them through discipleship and by teaching them to reach others for Christ.

• Our Leaders Reach by serving in the Church, our Community and the World.

• Our Leaders Reach by giving faithfully in their tithing, offering and sacrificial giving.

All of our leaders share a common love for the Lord, the work of the ministry and for God’s Word and serve humbly in keeping with Jesus’ command in Matthew 9: 36-38:

But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.



We thank God for our leaders! You are “the wheel in the middle of the wheel” that keeps ministry moving – through your dedicated service and in your giving! We see your heart for God, for the ministry and for the souls we are working to reach. We don’t take it lightly that you are so willing to invest in this great vision God has given to us as your Pastors. We love you and we appreciate your sacrifice!

Our Worship and New Building Giving Day is held three times each year. Giving amounts are as follows:

• Deacons In Training – $750.00 or more

• Junior Deacons – $800.00 or more

• Senior Deacons – $850.00 or more

• Ministers and Ministers In Training – $1000.00 or more

Our Thursday Firstfruits Offering is given by all leaders on the first Thursday of each month. Please give an offering of $25.00 or more.

The Love Offering for our Pastors is not mandatory, but it is a way to show our appreciation for their unwavering love, sacrifice, leadership, dedication to God and His people and so much more. Love Offerings may be given on Cashapp to $PastorDeborahDukes and $BishopLyleDukes.


Evangelism is the heart of who we are! We believe that every child of God is a “Reach Leader” – charged with the responsibility to win souls to Jesus Christ.

When you invite someone to church and they attend service, fill out the form below to record your activity and you will be awarded 1 point for the first time they attend. If someone joins the church because of your efforts, fill out the form and you will be awarded 5 points. Each month, the leader who accumulates the most points will be recognized as “Reach Leader of the Month”, however all those who have invited someone or brought in a new member will be recognized on our “All Reach Leaders for the Month” list.

Use the form below to submit your entries for the Leadership Reach Recognition Program!


During our ceremonial services, the Leadership Ministry wears designated attire to show unity and to honor the sanctity of the service. Ceremonial attire is worn for Baptism, Communion, Ministerial Consecration, etc.

Deacons In Training

Men – Church Attire
Women – Church Attire

Junior and Senior Deacons

Men – Black Suit, White Shirt, Black Tie, Black Socks, Black Shoes
Women – Black Skirt Suit, White Shirt or Shell, Black Shoes (no boots), Black or Skin Tone Stockings

Ministers In Training

Men – Attire for current leadership group
Women – Attire for current leadership group


Men – Black Suit, Black Ministerial Shirt, White Ministerial Collar, Black Socks, Black Shoes
Women – Black Skirt Suit, Black Ministerial Shirt, White Ministerial Collar, Black Shoes (no boots), Black or Skin Tone Stockings


leadership leader pics

Executive Director
Pastor Deborah Dukes

leadership staff pics

Executive Administrator
Deacon Tracey Johnson

pd emm2

Executive Ministry Management
Pastor Deborah Dukes

lisa keith

Training Director
Minister Lisa Keith

Leadership Recruitment Director
Minister Jeffery Carson

Leadership Events Director
Minister LaShonda Wise

leadership leader pics (1)

Ministers Leaders
Bishop Lyle Dukes and Pastor Deborah Dukes

Senior Deacons Leaders (A-G)
Ministers Leenard and Maritza Kennedy

leadership leader pics (7)

Senior Deacons Leaders (H-M)
Ministers Michael and Bernadine Futrell

leadership leader pics (5)

Senior Deacons Leaders (N-Z)
Ministers Briann and Octavia McDonald

Boones JuniorDeacons

Junior Deacons Leaders (A-H)
Ministers Corey and Genell Boone

leadership leader pics (6)

Junior Deacons Leaders (I-Z)
Ministers Barry and Patricia Harris

vanita king

Deacons In Training Leader
Minister Vanita King


Crystal Jenkins

Deacon Crystal Jenkins

leadership leader pics (2)

Minister Benny Shepard


Young Adults (Ages 18-35)
Ministers Brandon and Brittany Bryant

Reggie Jena Smith

Ministers Reginald and Jena Smith


Seniors (Age 55 And Up)
Ministers Charles and Mary Scott

futrells family reach

Ministers Michael and Bernadine Futrell

Natals Youth (1)

Youth Ministry Directors
Deacons Jayma and Daniel Natal

Harvest “Kidz”
Deacon Kira Grier

Middle and High School
Minister Michael Futrell


James Adamson
Janice Adamson
Luffon Berry
Viola Berry
Corey Boone
Genell Boone
Brandon Bryant
Melvita Campbell
Jeffery Carson
Stacee Carson
Richard Dukes
Susan Dukes
Brittany Dukes-Bryant
Bernadine Futrell
Michael Futrell
Porsha Greenwood
Barry Harris
Patricia Harris
Janice Hill
Michael Houston
Tara Houston
Khristie Hughes
William Hughes
Janelle Jeffries
Lisa Keith
Leenard Kennedy
Maritza Kennedy
Vanita King
Priscilla McCoy
Briann McDonald
Octavia McDonald
Bonita Myrick
Erika Neal
Timothy Neal
LaShree Obee
Rodrick Obee
Arletha Perry
Lawrence Pleasants
Sandra Pleasants
Charles Scott
Mary Scott
Benny Shepard
Shenell Shepard
Gema Smith
Jena Smith
Reginald Smith
Ronnie Smith
Kenneth Thomas
Marvin Walker
Vicki Walker
Dexter Wise
Lashonda Wise

Ministers In Training
Lisa Brown
Reuben Brown
Kevin Greenwood
Shaunte’ Jones
Heinz Roy-Lewis
Herbertina Roy-Lewis
Amanda Showell
Beulah Williams

Senior Deacons (A-G)
Mercedes Allsop
Glenda Ashe
Kofi Asiedu
Mattie Austin
Elaine Austin
Mae Avery
Lorraine Bedeau
Nadine Bedeau
Jimmy Benjamin
Shanika Benjamin
Tracy Bigesby
Lori Brooks
Robert Brunson
Brian Burch
Jakata Burnett
Ramonia Carter
Carmen Cordoba
Keithon Corpening
Mary Crenshaw
Darlene Crocker
Gloria Daniels
Gary Drew
Pamela Ellis
Michelle Emerson
Julena Felix
Gary Fondaumiere
Levette Fondaumiere
Karen Fowlkes
Jacqueline Freeman
Vickie Fuller
Anthony Fulton
Dezzaire Fulton
Edward Gaines
Edwilyn Gaines
Joseph Garber
Kimbley Gomes
Romona Goodwin
Stephanie Gordon
Jennie Grant
Kira Grier

Senior Deacons (H-M)
George Hairston
Karen Hairston
Freddie Hardin
Leon Harrell
Vernette Harris
Gloria Hibbert
Charles Hinds
Kathy Hinds
Denise Holt
Lamar Howard
Clirissa Hughes
Jeffrey Hunter
Enetta Jackson
Sonja Jackson
Eric Jackson
Crystal Jenkins
Kenneth Jenkins
Brenda Jenkins-Young
Tracey Johnson
Demetrius Judkins
Deborah Kinsale-Williams
Andrus Landry
Patricia Landry
Andrew Lang
Christine Mallory
Mario Martinez
Carl McNeill
Jacqueline Moore
Minnie Myers

Senior Deacons (N-Z)
Jayma Natal
Erik Neal
Randolph Nutter
Stephanie Parson
Gilana Pearce
Desmic Pearce
Ernest Penn
Christine Powell
Faith Roy
Valencia Scott
Lloyd Scott
Michelle Scott
Nannie Sharpe
Kim Silver
Sophia Simms
Lori Sims
Travis Snow
Marvin Solomon
Gloria Spears
Carmela Staton
Yvette Thompson
Perline Tshiabola
Jerome Vaughn
Emerald Wallace
Joy Weaver
Yvonne White
Deborah Wilkerson
Anderson Wilkerson
Rhudine Wilkes
Joyce Wright
Michael Wrighten
LaVerne Yates
Charles Yates
Beverly Younger

Junior Deacons (A-H)
Reva Anderson-Smith
Kathy Basnight
Akeem Berry
Krystal Billups
Mariama Boney
Michelle Boyd
Marcia Brotherton
Aron Brown
Nicholas Brown
Deidra Carter
Horace Crenshaw
Robert Culpeper
Zulei Culpeper
Teresa Davie
Traci Drew
Geraldine Fletcher
Aaron Freeman
David Green
Morna Green
Kevin Greenwood
Cedrick Grier
Camille Harris-Wilmot
Jennifer Hemmings

Junior Deacons (I-Z)
Robert Johnson
Reanette Jones
Rufaro Mandizvidza
Robert Mason
Latija Morrison
Jacqueline Murphy
Rhonda Murray
Daniel Natal
Louisa Nicholson
Yvonne Oviosu
Angela Pretlow-Harris
Tatyana Robinson
Karen Stona
Paul Stona
Marguerite Tallon
Wenona Vaughn
Janelle Veney
Janiece Veney
Sasha Williams
Andrea Wingo
Henrietta Young

Deacons In Training
Karen Anderson
Dallas Bennett
LoVe’ Berry
Shaunice Gordon
Jacquelyn Hanna
Annette Hudgins
Andre Jackson
Iris Jackson
Akilah Mayfield
Lisa Peters
Lukeya Powell
James Williams
George Wright