Understanding the Ukraine Crisis from a Christian Perspective

Much prayer is needed for the continuing situation in the Ukraine brought about by the invasion by Russia which has caused people and communities to scramble for their lives and defend their homeland with strained hope. Pastors, churches and the entire Body of Christ – across the country and around the world continue with our prayers and support.

The Ukraine crisis is a very present reminder that there is treacherous evil abiding in the earth realm every day. The mobilization of dark territorial principalities should provide Christians an acute reality that this is not our home but also that the prayers of the righteous are needed more than ever.

The innocent bloodshed and the needless loss of life of men, women, boys and girls is heinous and disturbing which certainly causes our hearts to break concerning the sanctity of life. On a spiritual level, the souls that perish without the opportunity or second chance to enter into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the disruption of the ministry of the Church of the Ukraine produces a weeping on another echelon.

Our wisdom should increase with the understanding that our world could change by an unprovoked enemy or an unannounced pandemic – let’s get to work in reaching souls for the Kingdom of God and get our house in order. Be ye also ready.