1. The Local Church – We believe that the church is our life system and is the only place where you can get knowledge, understanding and spiritual direction for your life and be empowered and equipped for the work of the ministry to advance the Kingdom of God.

2. The Word of God – We believe that it is important that individuals live by the Word of God because it provides; Directions, Power and standards for living.

3. Winning Souls – We believe in actively reaching and winning souls, carrying out the Great Commission and expanding the Kingdom of God.

4. Discipleship – We believe that discipleship is imperative in order for Christians to grow in Spiritual Maturity, fulfill their assignment in Christ and become a greater asset for church and the Kingdom of God.

5. Financial Stewardship – We believe that it is important that we put God first in our giving and support the mission and vision of our church through tithing, offering and in special giving.

6. Worship – We believe that Worship is honoring God with your heart above all earthly things and is done in Spirit and in Truth. Worship extends to Public Expressions of Praise and Worship, Prayer, Serving and Sacrifice.

7. Joyous and Positive Atmosphere – We believe it is important to have an environment of customer service where people feel love, hope and excitement about being a part of Harvest life.

8. Love, Honor and Respect – We believe that it is important to have Love, Honor and Respect for God, our Pastors, our Church and for each other in order to carry out authentic ministry.

9. Excellence in Ministry – We believe in sacrificing and serving God at a high standard of excellence; in organization, administration and ministry operations with the Kingdom and people in mind.

10. Reach Outwardly – We believe that Ministry outside the four walls of the Church is necessary because it connected us to the community and affords us the opportunity to share the love of Jesus though service.

11. Building Strong Families – We believe that it is vital to incorporate the Word of God and Christians Principles into the household so that then entire family grows and develop their relationship with Christ.

12. Loyalty and Commitment – We believe that it is important to be loyal and committed because having these qualities help individuals to mature and the church is strengthened.

13. Faith – We believe that it is important for individuals to walk by faith and trust God in every facet of their life.

14. Prayer – We believe that Prayer has Power to change things and develop your relationship with God.

15. Strong Work Ethic – We believe that Christian Workers should demonstrate a high level of dedication and sacrifice in their assignment to produce desired Kingdom results.

16. Dress – We believe in dressing in moderation; reflecting Christian values.

17. Facility Care and Maintenance – We believe in keeping our church clean, organized and well maintained.