In spite of all we faced in 2020, God has been faithful and in the blessing business!  We want to take time to reflect on the goodness, blessings and favor that God has shown us in 2020. To show our appreciation for God and all that He has done, we are going to air a special “Praise Cam” segment during our New Year’s Eve Celebration Service to hear testimonies of praise!

We invite you to be a part of this exciting presentation by sharing a brief video of how God blessed you in 2020!  Please note that videos should not exceed 15 seconds and should be submitted by Saturday, December 26th

Step 1: Record Your Video

We’re excited for you to share your testimony of praise! You may use a cellphone, laptop or any other recording device to record your video. All videos will be considered for our “Praise Cam” segment and should not exceed 15 seconds.  Thanks in advance!

Examples of Testimonies:

• In 2020 God blessed me with a promotion.
• I thank God that in 2020 He kept my family safe.
• I praise God because He blessed me with a new home this year.

Video Guidelines:

• Ensure your video does not exceed 15 seconds.
• You may include other people in your video.
• Please note that all videos may not be used.

Recording Tips:

• Make sure your video does not cut off the top of your head.
• Wipe off your camera lens – so the video is clear.
• If using a cell phone, record your video in a landscape orientation (see image below)

Step 2: Submit Your Video

Record yourself and use the button below to submit your video via pCloud transfer. Send videos to the email address on the pCloud Transfer page.