Bishop Lyle and Pastor Deborah Dukes

Bishop Lyle Dukes and Pastor Deborah Dukes are the Founders and Pastors of Harvest Life, a church of global impact in Woodbridge, Virginia. They are passionate about reaching souls for the Kingdom of God and seeing lives transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.

Bishop and Pastor Dukes are also the Executive Directors of the CHURCHES UNITED organization, with Bishop Dukes serving as the Presiding Bishop. The Dukes serve as “Pastors to Pastors” covering Pastors and churches in the United States and internationally.

Bishop Lyle and Pastor Deborah Dukes are preachers, teachers, authors, and business leaders. They have produced dynamic stage plays, recorded music projects and continue to make a great Kingdom impact through their ministry together.

Bishop and Pastor Dukes have one daughter, Minister Brittany Dukes-Bryant, a son-in-law, Minister Brandon Bryant and they have three grandsons – Malachi, Jeremiah and Isaiah.