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Tacky Christmas Lights

It can be hard to find something to do around the Christmas holiday that is fun, exciting and amazing for the entire family.  Well, here is a family activity that is sure to please from the youngest to the eldest of members in your family.  Tacky Christmas Light Viewing!  Not just any Christmas lights.  These lights have been placed with care, time and precision.  These lights are sure to please! This activity of Tacky Christmas Light viewing will be something that you and your family will make a family tradition for years to come.  These typically start the day after Thanksgiving and run through the first of the new year.  Just load the family into the car, set your GPS and start a trip to your neighboring counties for a show stopping event.  

Materials Needed: 

  • A vehicle to drive from house to house 
  • Google maps (or the like) on your Smartphone/device
  • Dress for the outside winter weather.  (The best viewing is done outside the vehicle) 
  • Some patience and courtesy 

How to view Tacky Christmas Lights: 

1. Click on any one of these links (based on desired area of viewing) below: 

Home Page – will connect to all other links) 

Outlier areas of Prince William County, Northern Loudoun County 

Suggested routes – Fairfax County locations only 

Once you click on the link you will either click FAIRFAX TACKY LIGHTS or you will go directly to the address and display page. 

2. You can click on each house listed and see a preview (pictures) of the lights to expect 

3. You will take your Smartphone/device and tap on your (google) maps (or alternative) and start entering in the home addresses listed (select only the houses of interest) 

4. Load the car up with all your family.  Let the light viewing begin! 

Suggestions/Things to Remember: 

1. Once you have placed all desired houses into the maps you may want to preview your route 

2. Adjust the order of your route so that you start furthest out and end closest to your home destination 

3. Do not park or stop your car in front of others viewing the lights.  (‘Tis the season for kindness) 

4. Do not stand directly in front of the home display (unless no else is around) 

5.  Have fun!