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Staying Active at Any Age

Staying active can be a challenge for people, like me, who are 55 and better. The aging process is natural and can be done with grace and longevity. There are three areas allowing me to remain spiritually, mentally, and physically active. 

It is important that we all remain positive and not dwell on negativity in our lives. I don’t allow certain things or situations to take me to a dark place; it is not healthy for me or others. Years ago, I went day to day without being a formal member of a church. That experience left me spiritually disconnected. I was able to become more spiritually active when I joined a local church. If you are not already a member of a church, find a good Bible-teaching church in your area and join the church and stay connected spiritually. I also take time to pray daily. I choose to pray in the morning prior to starting my day. We all should choose the best time of day for us to pray.  

Another way I stay spiritually active is by staying connected to the Word of God. As Christians it is important to stay spiritually connected to the local church by attending church services. As I hear the Word of God at my local church, I write down the scriptures and go back and read them, meditating on the Word of God.  

As we age, we need to engage our minds in repetitive activities. This is how the human mind learns. I engage my mind in new activities, including reading the Bible, articles, and books. I have used audio books and audio bibles to expand my knowledge base. I even conduct research on the internet for subjects of interest. Even though I have heard in the past, it is important to know, High School or College graduation is not “The Grand Finale”; “Commencement is only the beginning”. I have committed myself to a lifetime of learning. As human beings, we are capable of learning something every day we live and breathe on this earth. 

Staying active involves physical activity as well. Physical activity helps me maintain a lean body mass of muscle and bone. Exercise reduces stress and the risk of depression, heart disease and diabetes. I stay active by incorporating stretching, walking outdoors, and other muscle-building activities daily. If you are able, ride a bike or a stationary bike, walk on a treadmill, walk up and down stairs, these add muscle mass and aid in longevity. Simple activities around the house like carrying laundry or working in the yard actually build muscles. I volunteer at the church and conduct grounds maintenance one weekend a month. I also park away from the building when I go shopping, allowing me to get the necessary steps to meet my daily fitness goals. 

Aging can be a wonderful process that leads to longevity, if we just concentrate on ways to stay spiritually, mentally, and physically active. I am a member of the Young at Heart Ministry at my church.  We come together, monthly, on the second and fourth Saturday at 11:30 am.  If interested, you can visit the Seniors Reach page on our website for more information. Take time to age well.