Youth Greeters

Our Youth Greeters help to create a warm atmosphere for youth events by welcoming and greeting members and guests. (Grades 6 -12, Girls and Boys)

Youth Gentlemen’s Ministry

Our young men lend a helping hand during our worship services by assisting guests and members up and down the stairs of the sanctuary stage. (Grades 9 – 12, Boys only)

Harvest Life “Kidz” Teacher Assistant

Our youth teachers assistants provide support for our Harvest Life “Kidz” Teachers by assisting with activities, distributing materials, crafts and more. (Grades 6 – 12, Girls)

Harvest Café Setup

Each week our youth serve behind the scenes to help to setup the Harvest Café. From assisting with setting tables, moving chairs, prepping utensils and more, our youth work diligently to ensure all those dining in the café come into an atmosphere of excellence and customer service (Girls and Boys, Grades 6 – 12)

Gentlemen’s Ministry

Men, we invite you to extend a helping hand during our worship services by assisting members and guests up and down the stairs of our sanctuary stage.

Youth Information Center

Our Youth Information Center serves as a resource center for guests and members who desire more information on the youth ministry or have questions about our dynamic program. Our youth help to support the operations of this ministry by assisting our adult Youth Information Center Team with providing customer service, distributing materials and connecting with other youth and parents who stop by. (Boys and Girls, Grades 9 – 12)

Youth Decorations Team

Our Youth Decorations Team is known for their ability to create an energetic ambiance and bring an event to life through their creative poster designs, decoration displays, set designs and more! (Boys and Girls, Grades 6 – 12).