Chapter 20 – Experience Greater Worship

Becoming a worshipper is one of the most important ways to reinvent yourself. Just worship by itself will shift your spiritual position. One of the most vital tools to have in place in order to face life’s crisis and Satan’s devices is spiritual focus. Spiritual focus is imperative for the believer to obtain victory. Becoming a worshipper is placing a consistent and perpetual focus on the Lord Jesus through our worship.

Gaining a greater level of intimacy with God places you in a posture of strength so that when challenges arise you can overcome them. We have established the fact that storms will come, but where will they find you? Will you be in a posture of weakness or a posture of strength? God wants us to be victorious so we need to become worshippers.

Worshippers have power not because they carry some type of special anointing but because they are in a close relationship with God. Since He is close, there is the ability to access the power. Worshippers have gained a spiritual focus. This spiritual focus engages them in a unique level of spiritual warfare.

Becoming a worshipper takes time. Some time needs to be logged-in around the “altar.” There needs to be communication with God to the point that familiarity turns into intimacy. As you spend time in the presence of the Lord, a transformation will occur. God gives “special downloads” to worshippers. If we are going to beat temptation, we must be worshippers because worshippers are victorious!

Joseph overcame the temptation of Potiphar’s wife because he was a worshipper. At various stages of his life, the scripture says that God was with Joseph.

Daniel could beat the fear of the lions den and those who tried to intimidate him because he had spent time with God. David was not intimidated by the size of the giant Goliath, because he knew the size of his God! There is a power that a worshipper possesses. The power is obtained because of the relationship with God.

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