Chapter 12 – Confront Your Conflicts

Reinvention concerning conflicts is an extreme faith challenge! When most people think about using their faith – what comes to mind is them going down to the car lot praying over a car and driving off with the car – wow – what faith.

But faith in everyday life deals with the people, issues and environments that we face on a daily basis. Paul encouraged Pastor Timothy to continue to use his faith with the challenges that he was facing:

“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.” 1 Timothy 6:12

Life’s conflicts will no doubt present challenges to your faith. Nothing but the grace, love and wisdom of Jesus Christ can get us through these! God gives us what we need to face the unknown and not be blindsided by the sudden confrontations deriving from our personal issues, family matters, business dealings or even what the enemy has manufactured!

If you choose to react in discernment, humility and forgiveness, you can avoid becoming bitter and resentful toward others and the Lord will, in the long run, give you the ultimate victory. God can use disagreement, conflict and criticism to teach us about ourselves, improve our relationships, and take us further into the reinvention process! Reinvention is about growing – and facing your conflicts will definitely make you grow.

We either choose to believe and live in God’s grace and mercy, or we choose to live in the world’s system which Satan, our adversary, controls. God longs to see us successful and really wants to provide us grace and mercy as we deal with every issue, but we have to want it also.

This seems like an easy choice but there will be challenges and difficulties we’ll have to face. As human beings – we sometimes have the tendency to go back to old ways in the heat of conflict. If we do this, we will abort the reinvention process. If we stand strong and fight the good fight of faith, God’s supernatural power will help us overcome every problem and difficulty.

Here are some quick reinvention notes on facing your conflicts:

1. Face conflict directly. Do not shy away from challenges but face them with a spirit of prayer. Get in the habit of looking for the conflict before it comes – then you may be better prepared to deal with it when it arrives. Isolating the core of the challenge to effectively identify it is a good way to approach each issue. Figuring out how to approach it and how to resolve, and perhaps fix it removes its impact on your life.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 12 of “Reinvent Yourself: 21 Practical Keys to Your Personal Spiritual Makeover”. Pick up a copy of Reinvent Yourself here!