We are living in a time where the awareness of racial injustice is extremely heightened. As a result of the recent police brutality, racial profiling and hate crimes that have flooded the media, the deep impact of systemic racism that has plagued people of color for generations is now being exposed at a new level.

This new awareness has stirred up a wide range of emotions in people around the world – anger, outrage, frustration, fear and even hopelessness – and has given momentum to movements that are seeking to end this inhumane unjust treatment of people of color. With the rise of peaceful protests, political debates, the “Black Lives Matter” movement and more – one thing is evident, it’s time for a change and we as believers have a vital role in helping to bring it to pass!

Join us on Friday, July 3rd at 7:00 pm for a special Prayer for the Nations Against Racial Injustice. Don’t miss this powerful time of intercessory prayer as we believe God to restore those who are being impacted by racial injustice and to change the hearts of those who carry out its agenda of hatred. We will be praying for our churches and communities and for God to move upon our government officials to pass legislation that will outlaw systemic racism at all levels.

As the body of Christ, we must have a Kingdom response to what is happening in our communities, nation and the world and recognize that the fight against racial injustice is a spiritual battle! God is calling us to rise up as prayer warriors and stand boldly against the spirit of hatred, division and oppression that is at the root of racial injustice.

The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much (James 5:16). As we join together in faith, we are expecting God to do as He promised in His Word in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and heal our land.