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Our Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court has decided to legalize gay marriage in the United States of America. In spite of this decision, we are determined to continue to stand on the infallible Word of God, and continue to push God’s agenda of righteousness.

Marriage – holy matrimony – is an institution created by God and by biblical definition, involves the union of one man and one woman (Genesis 2:22-24). When the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, they also redefined the societal view of what a marriage is. As a nation, we now stand teetering at the top of a slippery slope that will no doubt lead us into uncharted waters.

We used to be able to say that the United States of America was a nation founded on Christian principles. Now that one of the fundamental institutions of our society is being perverted, it is only prudent to assume that we will end up in a situation far worse than any of us can imagine. We saw this happen with the decision to take prayer out of our schools. It is likely that no one foresaw the level of extreme disrespect for peers and authority that we see in many students. Who could have imagined that we would experience the level of satanic activity (school shootings, inappropriate teacher/student relationships, drug dealing/abuse, fighting, mob behavior and more) that we see now in our schools? It all started with one decision to remove spirituality and God-consciousness from our classrooms.

About 9 years ago, in my book “Possessing the Kingdom Anointing”, I shared that:

…a spiritual culture is necessary for a successful society…The spiritual culture that was strongly represented in years past and present in our country and society has seriously eroded over the past 40 years. Christian values, once revered, are now publicly reviled. Prayer has been stripped from our school, governments and other public forums…If we do not get God and His standards in everything we do then we are headed for serious problems that will affect generations to come.

And now we stand in the midst of one of these serious problems – the legalization of gay marriage. And let us say that we love ALL people and firmly believe that everyone has value and a purpose in Christ. But as Christians, we cannot condone or accept homosexual behavior as right, no matter what society says. We have to get this nation back to a godly standard.

Please join us as we continue to pray for our nation, and all of the innocent lives affected by the changes that will come as a result of this decision. We already see impending changes to the curriculum in our schools and this is just the beginning. God help us all.

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