“The churches must learn humility as well as teach it.”

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Regional Directors - Pastors Network, EUROPE

Bishop Leroy and First Lady Cynthia Maddix

Bishop and First Lady Maddix are a powerful team who lead a vibrant and progressive ministry in the United Kingdom. They serve as the Regional Directors of the Pastors Network in Europe. Bishop and First Lady Maddix are examples of progressive leaders who are passionate about advancing the Kingdom of God.

Regional Directors - Directors, Pastors Network, AFRICA

Bishop Jonah and First Lady Bedan

Bishop and First Lady Bedan are a dynamic duo with a thriving ministry in Nakuru, Kenya. As Regional Directors of the Pastors Network in Africa, the Bedans work with Bishop and Pastor Dukes on various ministry initiatives in Africa which include overseeing the ministry operations of the 2,000 seat Harvest Conference Center, the construction of our medical center and more.