Core Principle #1

Harvest Life Church’s mission is primarily to help save souls and change lives for and through Jesus Christ. Every ministry that is created, all money invested, all energy expended, etc., will directly or indirectly support this core principle. Anything that does not support this principle should not be presented, performed, or promoted under the banner of Harvest Life Changers Church.

Core Principle #2

Harvest Life Church seeks to be a church and a church name that is acknowledged and is inter-woven into the fabric of this community, metropolitan area, and nation. The church and church name are to be synonymous with a place of change through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Core Principle #3

Harvest Life Church is to be an example in and for the Body of Christ; to lead in tremendous acts of faith displaying the power and limitlessness of our God – thus encouraging other churches, and Christian organizations to go to a higher level. These acts of faith may mean defying the odds or taking on challenges that appear to be “larger than life.”

Core Principle #4

Harvest Life Church seeks to pay tremendous attention to detail to the level of extreme excellence. This is to be achieved in all areas of ministry including customer service, worship, and the ministry of helps and support.

Core Principle #5

Harvest Life Church will not be afraid to accomplish any task given by the Holy Spirit no matter how gigantic or audacious it may seem. Harvest Life Church will be obedient to the Holy Spirit even if other organizations deem it unsafe or unnecessary.

Core Principle #6

Harvest Life Church will always remember people. This is our business before God. The church will never relinquish its mission of changing the lives of people even when faced with the temptations of money, political pressures, business influence or otherwise.

Core Principle #7

Harvest Life Church will always fear, honor and be obedient to God and His Will through our Lord Jesus Christ. Above all, Harvest Life Church is an extension of the Kingdom of God and will maintain this position throughout the life of this ministry.