We are fired up for our Churches United Convention – and as ministry Presidents and members, we consider carrying out the mission of this convention as a Kingdom assignment! We are making it our goal to have all of our ministry workers charged up, present for sessions and services and ready to serve in excellence for the Churches United Competition with an exciting Ministry Worker Convention Attendance Competition!

We want to see which Ministry will have the highest attendance of ministry workers for the Churches United Convention sessions and services (from Tuesday, July 25th to Friday, July 28th)! Be sure to check out the information below to learn how the competition works and how you can get you and your ministry workers involved!


Eligible Ministries for the Competition 

• Ministries with 20 members or more in the Harvest Connect database are eligible to be a part of this competition.
• The roster of ministry members within the Harvest Connect database will be provided to Ministry Presidents during our Leadership Meeting on Tuesday, July 11th at 7:00 pm.

How will the Winning Ministry be Determined?

• The ministry with the highest percentage of attendance (based of the roster in Harvest Connect) will win the competition.  For example if there are 60 ministry members on your ministry in Harvest Connect and 45 attend the conference, then your ministry will have 75% attendance for the conference.


Step 1: Encourage Your Ministry Members to Register and Serve during the Convention

• Encourage  all of your ministry members to register for the Churches United Convention and get them scheduled to serve during the event.
• Visit the Churches United Convention Itinerary to assist with planning and scheduling.

Step 2: During/Following the Convention, have Ministry Members Confirm their Attendance

• For ministry members that attended and/or served during the Churches United Convention should fill out the Convention Worker Attendance Confirmation Form by Monday, July 31st to be counted towards your overall total in the competition.

Step 3: The Winner

• The winner will be announced during on Sunday, August 6th during our worship service.