We are on a mission to build the next generation of strong Christian leaders for Jesus Christ through our Middle and High School Ministry!

At their age and in the world today, there are many negative influences that exist to lead our middle and high school-age youth away from God so we are very intentional about training, empowering and building within them a strong foundation of biblical principles now so they can stand strong for Christ in their homes, schools, with their friends and lead others to do the same.

Not only do our youth grow in their understanding of God’s Word through weekly Wednesday Night Live Bible Teaching and Sunday School, they also serve in ministry, take on leadership roles within the Youth Ministry and enjoy opportunities to express their creativity and have fun at youth events, outings and more! Be sure to see the information below to learn how to get your youth involved in this dynamic program today!


Our Youth Sundays are absolutely amazing! During these special worship services, our middle and high school youth use their gifts and talents to go forth in ministry in a powerful way! From our Youth Choir, Youth Band and Youth Dancers to serving as Ushers, Greeters, Stage Logistics and more – when you look around the sanctuary on Youth Sunday, you will see a generation of youth who are on fire for Jesus Christ and lifting up His name!


It is often said that some things are taught, while other things are caught. We believe this certainly holds true when it comes to our youth growing in Christ. As a part of our Youth Ministry Program, we believe that it is important for youth to participate in our Sunday Worship Services so they can worship with their families, serve in ministry, engage in praise and worship, be discipled through the preached Word and ultimately grow in their understanding of how God transforms lives through worship at the local church.


We’re building a generation of strong Christian Leaders at Harvest Life! On Wednesdays our Youth in grades 6-12 will learn life-changing principles from God’s Word and how to apply them to everyday life through interactive bible lessons, mentorship, fun activities and more!


We have talented and gifted youth at Harvest Life! We believe that God blessed each of our youth with unique gifts, talents and abilities to impact His Kingdom through serving in ministry – and as they serve, they will grow, develop new skills and get more connected to the mission of Jesus Christ.


We know how to have fun while growing in Christ in the Middle and High School Youth Ministry! From Laser Tag, Skating, Bowling and Arcades to Bible Trivia, mentorship outings at restaurants, trampoline centers and more – we do it ALL for our youth and have ALL the fun while doing it! Be sure to get your youth plugged into this awesome ministry so they too can enjoy great fellowship as they grown and learn about Jesus Christ!