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Microwave or Slow Cooker

Young Adults are in such a rush! What’s my purpose? How can I become rich? How can I become famous…even YouTube Famous? This generation is full of potential – there are more millennial millionaires in this generation than previously but odds are you probably don’t know one. Additionally, they are set to receive even more because of their hard-working parents. My response to all the questions and all the things that are on your mind is slooooooow down.  

I know I might sound like a boomer but actually I just graduated from being a young adult (Gen X-er). What I do recognize is the importance of patience. The funny thing is, if you are in a rush to get somewhere, you will likely miss things along the way – and when you arrive at your destination you will not have what you need. It is not just about the destination it really is about the journey. Yes…it sounds cliché, but experience has taught me that it’s true. What you learn on the way is just as important as how long it takes you to get there. Think about it, it took Jesus 30 years to start his ministry even though He was recognized as the Messiah at His birth with a stadium full of angels and all that…still He waited. David was anointed as King as a youth and went back to the field to watch after sheep. Peter walked with Jesus for 3 years and then after Jesus died, Peter still had to wait in the room for 10 days and nights for the Holy Spirit to come. It would seem like he “knew” enough because he walked with Jesus and was in His inner circle. Lastly Elisha served Elijah for 8 years before God used him at all.  Those are just biblical examples. There are countless sports examples, science, acting, etc. At the end of the day…greatness takes time. 

A lot of the time, what you are learning in the process is how to lose. If you never learn it, you never really win at life. You don’t have any compassion, perseverance or understanding. You will learn that a part of every success story is failure. It is a prerequisite. There is no real success without failure. Success is failing forward and finally flourishing. There is no need for you to cheat your way through Algebra I because Geometry is coming, then Algebra II. You take what you learn from one and apply it to the other. Last analogy: microwave or slow cooker.  

Most will say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. The main difference between the two is how long it takes to prepare the food. If you have tasted a Caribbean microwave dinner and an authentic Caribbean dish that has been marinated for hours and slow cooked, the difference is time. When the food is cooked slowly, it gives the ingredients a chance to work together in a way that the microwave can’t manufacture in a few minutes. The fat works with the seasoning and the spices blend in ways that make your mouth come alive when it is tasted. Greatness takes time. Ask a person that you admire how to become successful and he or she will have more than a few stories about how it didn’t work in the beginning. So, if you are mad because you keep failing and you are wondering when will I ever get there? Just know, you are right on track. The Bible says knock and the door shall be opened, seek and ye shall find and ask and you will receive. Understand, there is a period of time between the request and the response. Actually, in the original language, you have to keep doing the action until the response comes…as long as it takes. He who asks and keeps asking, receives. Good things really do come to those who wait. Instead of getting frustrated with why you are where you are, ask God what do you want me to learn while I am here. It directs your focus to the right place. If you hurry up and get the lesson along the way, then correct what is wrong, you will be moving in God’s timing. That’s where you want to be.