It is Leap Week! Join us on Monday, June 27th through Sunday, July 3rd, to take a Quantum Leap to your mountain top. Jesus said in John 10:10, “… I am come that they might have life and that they might have it abundantly. This week is about examining our current position in God to make a quantum leap out of the valleys in our lives and to the mountain top. Your valley is not your mountain top. With all the demands of life, it may feel like where you are is as good as it gets – but in reality, what God has for you far exceeds even your own expectations and understanding. It’s time to leap!

Our featured product for this week is “Give It To Me Straight”, written by Bishop Lyle Dukes. Click here to purchase your copy today!


Wednesday, June 30th | 7:00 pm 

Join us as we go deeper in the Word with a special Word Wednesday message from our Senior Pastor, Bishop Lyle Dukes.


Youth Wednesday Night Live – Let’s Get Into the Word

Youth in grades 6-12 will learn life-changing principles from God’s Word and how to apply them to everyday life with our interactive “Let’s Get Into the Word” bible lesson!


Sunday, July 3rd

8:00 am | Sunday School 

Get ready for the powerful Sunday School lesson “A Quantum Leap To Your Mountain Top” and be empowered to grow in your understanding of God’s Word!

9:00 and 11:30 am | Sunday Worship Services

It is Leap Sunday! Join us on Sunday for the culmination of Leap Weak with our Worship and Baptism Service. On Sunday, we will fellowship, receive a life-changing Word from Bishop Lyle Dukes and Pastor Deborah Dukes, and recognize July Birthdays.  

Following the 9:00 am Service (approximately 10:30 am) | Baptism Class

In preparation for the Baptism Service, we offer a special Baptism Class for our baptismal candidates to provide them with important information about their next steps in Christ and to prepare them for their baptism. Baptism Class takes place following the 9 am service (approximately 10:30 am) for the upcoming baptism and lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Parents of youth (ages 5 – 17) are required to attend the Baptism Class with their child. 

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Following the 9:00 am Service (approximately 10:30 am)| New Members Class

New Members Class #1 helps members become acquainted with the history, mission, vision, and values of Harvest Life Church and helps them get plugged in so they can carry out the work of the ministry.

11:30 am | Harvest Life Kidz Church – Let’s Get Into the Word

During our Week 1 Lesson, we teach the children (age 3 to 5th grade) principles from the Word of God that will help to build a strong spiritual foundation in their lives.

Snack: Goldfish Crackers and Kool-Aid Jammers