Through obedience and sacrifice and a strong commitment to tithing, Offering and serving, Harvest Life Church is making a major impact in our community.

Spiritual Guidance

• Providing a Place of Worship
• Introducing people to Christ and bringing people to salvation
• Empowering people to grow spiritually
• Prayer Meetings
• Men and Women’s Empowerment Services

Community Functions

• Community Clean-up Projects
• Voting Registration Drives

Addressing Poverty

• Food Pantry
• Food Supply Giveaways
• Clothing Giveaways
• Supporting Homeless Shelters
• Supporting recovery Houses
• Backpack and School Supplies Giveaways
• Toy Supply Giveaways

Workplace and Educational Empowerment

• Helping People Get Jobs
• Providing Educational Empowerment Classes
• Career and Life Skills Training

Empowering our Youth, Families, and Serving the Elderly
• Empowering our Youth: Mentoring, Teaching, Training, Youth Summer Jobs Program, Events, School Supplies, etc.
• Youth Summer Jobs Program
• Empowering Families: Family Monday Teaching and Activities, Family Worship Services, Events, etc.
• Serving our Elderly: Senior Living Facility Worship Services and Activities

As Harvest Life Leaders we are here to answer the call and lead community outreach initiatives to change lives and make a greater Kingdom impact in our community for Jesus Christ.