There will be no Harvest Life Kidz Children’s Church at 11:30 am.

Please wear your respective ministry attire if you are serving in the following ministry:

• Security Ministry
• Parking Lot Ministry


Q: If I cannot attend the walkthrough, may I still participate in the processional?

A: It is very important that all leaders participate in the walkthrough, this is a time of impartation and preparation. Please submit your accountability via the Accountability Form in Connect.


Q: Am I required to wear my ceremonial attire all day?

A: Leaders should be in their ceremonial attire for the 9:15 Power Hour Worship Service and the 11:30 am Worship and Leadership Service. Sashes will only be worn for the 11:30 am service.


Q: May I place my belongings in my seat in advance (i.e., Bibles, briefcase, purses, etc.)?

A: All belongings are to be carried in with you during the processional.


Q: If I have children, may they sit with me after the processional?

A: This is a special time of worship and unity for our Leadership members. As such, we ask that you arrange with someone not participating in the ceremony, to watch your children


Q: Is there a special offering during this service?

A: There is not a special offering during the service, however, we encourage our leaders to take this opportunity to offer a sacrificial offering.