At Harvest Life, we believe leaders are called by God to lead, be front line supporters and the driving workforce that carries out the mission and vision of the church. As a part of our Leadership Program, we provide an environment where our leaders can learn, grow and develop. They are charged to “walk worthy of their vocation” and carry out specific duties, responsibilities and operations that position them to make a greater Kingdom impact at Harvest Life. 






  • Leadership Empowerment Program

    The Leadership Empowerment Program equips Harvest Life leaders through dynamic training sessions to effectively carry out the mission and vision of Harvest Life and make an impact in all areas in which they serve. (Held quarterly).

  • Personal and Ministry Evaluation

    The Personal and Ministry Evaluation is a valuable tool we developed for leaders to assess their own personal growth and ministry performance. (Held quarterly).

  • Ecclesiastical Responsibilities

    Each leadership level has been assigned a certain set of ecclesiastical responsibilities to ensure that all areas of ministry within the church have effective coverage and operational support. View Ecclesiastical Responsibilities.

  • Leadership Accountability

    We understand that life happens – if you are unable to attend a service or event, please let us know by sending an email or text. Submit your accountability via the Leadership Accountability Form.

  • Leadership Toolkit

    We created a Leadership Toolkit that includes forms, training materials, resources and valuable information Harvest Life Leaders will need to effectively lead.

  • Ceremonial Attire

    Leaders wear ceremonial attire for various events and services, including Baptism / Communion, Ordination and Consecration (promotion) Ceremonies and other special events. View attire details.

  • Leadership Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about the Leadership Ministry.


Minister Octavia McDonald
Leadership Ministry President

We are honored to be front-line supporters of Harvest Life Church.  Leading in the kingdom of God is a sacred responsibility. It’s about embodying the values of love, compassion, and humility as souls move from sin to salvation, salvation to stability, stability to success, and finally to significance.  As we serve others, we inspire and guide souls towards spiritual growth and understanding. And to do so requires a deep commitment to faith, prayer, and living by example!

God rewards the diligent seeker, and we as leaders of Harvest Life Church must know what pleases God, our Father. When a child reaches maturity, there is something special in the honor paid to both mother and father. The child knows his or her parents’ voices; he or she knows what makes one’s parents smile and what causes a parent to radiate with pride, and this is the relationship God desires of us. He wants us to tell of His goodness and manifold blessings. We should talk about our faith as we strengthen others. God desires that we be living epistles to men–so that if a man or woman has never read a scripture, our lives are the example, the testimony of a life in Him.

Harvest Life Church empowers leaders to lead: and with that, God knows that we have done well–our Senior Pastors know that they can count on us. In the message titled “When God Says Thank You,” we learned God’s intent for His people, and especially for the Leaders in the Kingdom. There is a full circle of appreciation when we carry out the works of the Lord–from God. Our assignment is multidimensional: we are called to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world; we are responsible for compelling souls to come into the Kingdom; and we have a duty to see men and women discipled. And there is favor in the sacrifice!


Pastor Michael Houston
Ministers President

Minister Janelle Jeffries
Senior Deacon President

Minister Daniel Natal
Junior Deacon President

Minister Lisa Keith
On-Trial Leader President

Access the forms, information and resources to help you lead!