At Harvest Life, we believe leaders are called by God to lead, be front line supporters and the driving force that carries out the mission and vision of the church. As a part of our Leadership Program, we provide an environment where our leaders can learn, grow and develop. We have provided some general information below that will help you learn more about our Leadership Program.

What is the age requirement to be a Leader at Harvest Life?

Our Leadership Program is open to individuals age 18 and up.

Are leaders required to complete a background check?

Yes. Our leaders serve in various leadership roles and ministry operations within the church. As a part of our Leadership Program, we require leaders to complete a background check every 2 years by submitting the Background Check Form. Once the background check is processed, leaders will receive an email notification reminder near the 2-year expiration date to renew their background check and complete the Background Check Form.

Are Leaders required to attend worship services and events?

We require our Leaders to attend weekly Sunday Services (8 am Sunday School Live with Pastor Deborah, 9:15 am Power Hour Worship Service, 11:30 am Worship Service), Word Wednesday Pastoral Bible Teaching and other meetings and services that take place during the week as scheduled (i.e. Men’s and Women’s Empowerment and Prayer Services). In doing so, Leaders receive the empowerment, training, ministry experience and more to keep growing spiritually.

If a Leader is unable to attend they should provide their accountability to their Associate Pastors via the Leadership Accountability Form.

Are Leaders required to give in tithing and offering?

Our Harvest Life Leaders lead by example in all things and this includes giving. In obedience to God’s Word, our Leaders give in tithing and offering as a form of worship and as investment to the great Kingdom work being done at Harvest Life Church. Leaders are required to consistently give towards the following:

  • Tithing (10% of your increase)
  • Offering (during worship services and Sunday School)
  • First Fruits Offering (during Leadership Empowerment Training)
  • United To Build New Building Giving Campaign

As front line supporters of the vision, our Leaders are asked to give at a higher level towards the construction of our new worship center on our United To Build Giving Days using the following giving guidelines:

  • On-Trial – $750 or more
  • Junior Deacon – $800 or more
  • Senior Deacon and Ministers-In-Training – $850 or more
  • Minister – $1,000 or more
  • Associate Pastor – $1,200 or more

How do leadership promotions work within the Leadership Program?

We have various leadership levels within the Leadership Program ranging from On-Trial Leaders (individuals who are newly enrolled in the program but have not yet been promoted to the Deacon level) to Associate Pastors.

During our annual Churches United Convention, we host a special Ordination and Consecration Ceremony where leaders who are eligible and meet the requirements specified below are elevated to the next leadership level.

  • Junior Deacon – Must be an On-Trial Deacon for at least 1 year and in good standing to be eligible for elevation to the Junior Deacon Level
  • Senior Deacon – Must be a Junior Deacon for at least 2 years and in good standing to be eligible for elevation to the Senior Deacon Level
  • Minister – Must be appointed and called
  • Elder – Must be appointed and called
  • Associate Pastor – Must be appointed and called