Spiritual leadership is aimed not so much at directing people to do stuff as it is at changing people.  The people we lead should be transforming; growing in Christ, become more faithful, be more connected, be contributors – consistently giving in their tithes and offering, etc.  And, this can only begin to happen when leaders lead by example.

We must make it our aim to develop people while leading rather than just dictating plans.  It should work parallel.  While you are leading them to accomplish a task you should also be leading them spiritually.

Leaders, you can get people to do what you want, but if they don’t change in their heart, you have not led them spiritually. You have not taken them to where God wants them to be.  And, ultimately the church suffers.

Matthew 5:16 says for us to, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Listen, some things are taught and others are caught.  When the people see you or interact with you – rather formal or by the wayside, they should see what you want them to become.

Leaders, we are called to lead God’s church!  But we will not be effective if we do not lead by example. We should be living testimonies of the transformational power of Jesus Christ inspiring and influencing others to work and grow in their relationship with God.  Leaders, as we lead others, let us be examples and make real ministry happen.