Plan Your Visit

Welcome to Harvest Life! We are so excited about your upcoming visit. Whether you are new to the area, a first time guest or searching for a church home – we want to ensure that you have the necessary guidance for this experience.

We want you to know that from the moment you arrive on the parking lot, we believe that God is going to do something powerful in your life here at Harvest Life! Below we have provided some information to assist you.

If you live outside of the DC Metro area, we welcome you to watch our Sunday Worship streamed live on Facebook and YouTube at 9:00 and 11:30 am (EST).


The Sunday Experience starts in the parking lot.  Our Parking attendants are in place to provide an excellent experience and to direct you to the Worship Service.  We recommend that you come at least 15 minutes early so that in the event the parking lot is full, you will have enough time to be directed to our overflow parking lot, ride our shuttle back and be dropped off right at the door. 

Worship Services

There is something special that happens when God’s people come together to worship, whether in person or online. The services bring something to you…and you bring something to the service.

Our Sunday services include powerful praise and worship, a life changing message from the Word of God, and more. Join us this Sunday!

Sunday School: 8:00 am
Worship Services: 9:00 and 11:30 am
Food Sales: After the 9:00 am Service
Harvest Life Kidz Church: 11:30 am

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First-Time Guest Reception

After each service, Bishop and Pastor Deborah are excited to meet with all First Time Guests at our very special Reception. If you are interested in making Harvest Life Church your home, you are welcome to attend as well. See you there!

Meet Our Senior Pastors

Bishop Lyle Dukes and Pastor Deborah Dukes are the founders and Senior Pastors of Harvest Life Church in Woodbridge, Virginia. They are passionate about reaching souls for the Kingdom of God and seeing lives changed and transformed through the power of Jesus Christ and the work of the local church.

In 2020, Bishop and Pastor Deborah founded Churches United, a global organization designed to empower and unite churches. With more than 500 church congregations around the world, including the United States, Europe and Africa, Churches United provides leadership direction for churches and spiritual covering for Senior Pastors. Bishop Lyle Dukes serves as the Presiding Bishop and Pastor Deborah Dukes serves as the Executive Director.

Together they are preachers, teachers, authors, and business leaders. They have produced dynamic stage plays, recorded music projects and continue to make a great Kingdom impact through their ministry together.


Meals and Snacks

Hungry? Need a little pick-me-up? For your convenience, we offer hot meals and snacks for sale between services. There is no need to leave to get breakfast or lunch – just stop by the Marketplace for delicious food, snacks and beverages!

Harvest Life Kidz

Kids are important to us at Harvest Life Church.  There is an old proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise children”, meaning you need a great support system.

Well, we believe that the church is the village!  With Harvest Life Kidz, age 3 to 5th grade, we partner with the parents to assist them in training up their child(ren) in the way they should go.  We offer powerful and effective programs that include:  Bible Study, Worship, Mentorship, Youth Band, puppet shows and other activities and events! We look forward to you and your child being a part of our exciting Harvest Life Kidz Ministry!

Harvest Life Youth

The youth are important to us at Harvest Life Church.  Our mission is to reach, teach and train our youth, building within them a strong foundation of biblical principles for everyday life at home school, community, and church. Also, to partner with the parents and guardians in their vital role in raising the children in Jesus Christ.

We offer effective programs that empower our youth to grow, gain confidence and use their gifts and talents for the Kingdom.  These programs include:  Bible Teaching, Worship Services, Youth Sundays, Mentorship Programs, Youth Academies, Youth Band, other activities and events!


At Harvest Life Church, we believe in being generous with our treasure, time and talents. One of the most impactful ways you can give is through sowing your finances into the Kingdom of God.

Generous people transform the world and we see it happening at Harvest Life Church. Because of generosity, we paid off our current worship facility, built the 2,000 seat Harvest Conference Center in Kenya, Africa, create life-changing programs and ministries every week, fund and facilitate projects that will improve the quality of life for our community and world and more. Currently we are in the process of building our new worship center so that we can do greater ministry, host conferences, concerts, and events, open our new Outreach Center that will serve our community and more. Give now and help transform the world.

Give Now

Our COVID-19 Guidelines

The health and safety of our members and guests is of utmost importance. Please click the button below to view our COVID-19 Guidelines.


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