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Our Harvest “Kidz” Ministry (Age 3 – 5th Grade) offers children a place of wonder, excitement and discovery as they learn about Jesus Christ. Through our numerous fun-filled programs and events, we seek to provide a safe, educational and entertaining environment where children can grow in their understanding of God’s love!

Our Harvest Kidz Live Children’s Church (held weekly on Sundays at 11:30 am) offers an opportunity for youth ages 3 through 5th grade to get hands-on with God’s Word.

They will experience interactive lessons that involve role-playing and skits, fun quizzes, group discussion and activities, games and other exciting activities! See below to learn more about the program’s format and this month’s Bible Lesson.


Church Attire is what the youth should wear


Registration is mandatory. All attendees must be registered. The Registration Table will be right outside of the Multipurpose Center. Registration begins at 11:30 am. You only have to register once a year.


Doors open at 11:25 am. Children may line up after completing registration.


Please drop your child off with an offering. Envelopes will be available on the registration table.