At the present time, all church activities, meetings and events including Wednesday Empowerment Nights and Sunday Worship Services have been postponed until further notice. Please note, the information below reflects our standard schedule of activities.

Harvest Life “Kidz” (Age 3 – 5th grade)

Our Harvest Life “Kidz” program, held every Wednesday at 7:30 pm, is designed to provide an environment where youth can grow in their relationship with God and understanding of who He has called them to be. Through interactive bible lessons, exciting activities and more our youth are empowered and developed to be strong Christian leaders who will impact their generation and the world for Jesus Christ!

Session 1:  11:30 am | BIBLE LESSON

Parents, you don’t want your youth to miss this powerful lesson all about the life and impact of Jesus Christ.

Session 2:  11:30 am | REENACTMENT

Watch God’s Word come alive with pretending and play at Harvest Life Kidz Children’s Church.


Harvest Life Youth are preparing for our Gifts and Talents Sunday!

Session 4:  11:30 am | GIFTS AND TALENTS SUNDAY

Harvest Life “Kidz” will display their God-given gifts and talents through praise and worship, dance, mime, public speaking and more!