This month, youth will explore the story of Jesus Christ in a setting of fellowship, friends and empowerment for everyday living!

Sunday, December 1st

11:30 am | Bible Lesson

Youth will learn the miraculous story of the birth of Jesus Christ and how He gives us hope today!

Snack: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers + Kool-Aid Jammers

Sunday, December 8th

7:30 pm | Harvest Life “Kidz” Children’s Church Reenactment

Youth will dress up, play and explore the nativity story of Jesus Christ through dramatic presentation.

Snack: Nabisco Graham Crackers + Kool-Aid

Sunday, December 15th

7:30 pm | Harvest Life “Kidz” Christmas Celebration

We’re celebrating Jesus’ birthday! Children will have fun, dance, sing, play games and more as we lift up a praise for Jesus!

Snack: Christmas Sugar Cookies + Kool-Aid Jammers

Sunday, December 22nd

11:30 am | Harvest Life “Kidz” Arts and Crafts Day

Children will explore sensory skills as they create Christmas-themed crafts and artwork to take home as gifts or decorations this Christmas.

Snack: Christmas Sugar Cookies + Kool-Aid Jammers

Sunday, December 29th

11:30 am | Harvest Life “Kidz” New Year’s Celebration

Count down to the new year with Harvest Life “Kidz”! Join in on the fun in a special day of fellowship and learning as we gear up for 2020!

Snack: Animal Crackers + Kool-Aid Jammers