Harvest “Kidz” Live Children’s Church (Age 3 – Grade 5)

The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way they should go” and this is our mission at Harvest “Kidz” Live Children’s Church (held every Sunday at 11:30 am). Our little ones are taught about Jesus Christ on a level they can understand through exciting interactive bible lessons, skits, activities, crafts, games and also enjoy a delicious snack. In addition, our youth learn to use their gifts and talents to serve God. We take great joy in investing in our little ones because we’re training them to be Christian leaders for their generation!

Session 1: Interactive Bible Story

Youth will learn the Word of God through exciting interactive bible lessons, activities and more!

Session 2: Reenactment

Youth come together and create a skit to reenact the featured bible story.

Session 3: Gifts and Talents Preparation

We prepare and train our youth to serve God and minister through their gifts and talents.

Session 4: Gifts and Talents Sunday

Our youth use their gifts and talents to usher, greet and go forth in dance performance and mime presentations.