Sunday, August 4th
11:30 am

“When You Believe” Movie and Discussion Day

We’re watching a movie and afterward, we’ll spend time with the youth discussing its spiritual principles!

Sunday, August 11th
11:30 am

Take Care of Your Temple Fit and Fun Day

We’re spending some time teaching the children how to take care of their temples – by making healthier choices and exercising! They’ll have a blast doing light exercise and learning simple ways to stay fit.

Sunday, August 18th
11:30 am

Old and New Testament Family Feud Day

We’ll impart Biblical knowledge through this time of friendly competition – we’re using both the Old and New Testament to sharpen their knowledge of scripture!

Sunday, August 25th
11:30 am

We Are Kingdom “Kidz” Carnival Day

Get ready for a fun day of activities, games, snacks and more – while we’re teaching the children about Jesus!