Great Leaders Needed!

Do you desire to be in a position of Power and Influence where you are leading others, making high level decisions, handling issues, possibly signing off on key documents, etc.? Well, the Bible says to desire a leadership position is a good thing! I believe this is because every institution in the world is looking for great leaders to help them carry out their mission!

However, this is definitely a strange dichotomy because;
1. You have a lot of people who desire to be leaders but have not been selected to serve in this capacity. And, bigger than that – you have those that are currently in a leadership position but are not really being used at that level – which means their responsibility has been given to someone else. Are you getting my drift?

2. On the other hand you have businesses that have hundreds of leadership positions and vacancies that need to be filled.

So, Pastor Deborah what’s the problem?

In the book of Acts chapter 6 the church was facing many challenges, situations and issues because the mission was not getting accomplished.

So, the disciples went on an all-out search and chose leaders who had integrity and the characteristics they needed and appointed them over their business. And, because of that, the Bible said that the church experienced rapid growth.

My God!

People of God, every business establishment – especially the Lord’s church – wants to grow and fulfill its intended purpose.
And you cannot do it without great leadership! Leaders who don’t lie, hide and cover their mistakes and work stuff that goes against the company’s values and core principles – but Leaders who walk in integrity, are passionate and get the job done!

So, if you are called to leadership, let’s lead God’s way and impact the world for Jesus Christ.

I believe in you!
Pastor Deborah

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