Go Through the Open Door!

This devotional will change your perspective about your life’s purpose and your relationship with God – in just 21 days!

It’s our newest release, and it’s all about the Open Door – it reveals how you can live your life in such a way that every aspect of your relationship with God is defined by openness and accessibility. The openness extends from you to God and more importantly, from Him to you. Each day’s reading reveals a different facet of your relationship with God that you can explore as you begin this way of Open Door Living.

Chapter titles like, “Leave Your Past in Your Past”, “Hear God When He Speaks”, “Never Lose Hope” and more all speak to encouragement, forgiveness and relationship. As you read, you’ll find that the Open Door allows for God’s goodness to flow in, and for negativity, self-doubt and other destructive elements to flow out.

If you are convinced that there is more to your walk with God than what you’ve been experiencing, walk through the Open Door – you will find that there is joy unspeakable and full of glory on the other side of the threshold.

Pick up your copies here – at just $5.00 each, they make great gifts! For a more in-depth understanding of the Open Door concept, you can purchase the Open Door Living Package, which includes the 21- Day Devotional and the book, “The Open Door Policy” – you’ll save almost $7 off the retail price when you order the package!

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