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Freeing Yourself Through Forgiveness

If this article has peaked your interest, you may have been “done wrong” or even betrayed. Well, today I am going to share with you ways to free yourself through forgiveness.  

The first thing I want you to do is unclench your jaw.  Unforgiveness can physically take a toll on you and your health if you let it. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to freeing yourself. 

You may be wondering if I’m qualified to write this article. How would I understand? Well, I can tell you I had to forgive several times in my life. The first thing I want you to understand is that forgiveness is not just about the other person.  Forgiveness is for you.  

It’s important that you don’t let anything hold you hostage in your mind. Let me say this; you have every right to feel upset, sad and angry. Your emotions are valid. But instead of feeling all those things, wouldn’t you rather feel free from the situation? Yes, it’s easy to say you will forgive on paper but really doing it becomes a challenge. Well, that’s why we have God.  We must pray and ask for Him to heal us.  

God’s love is so pure He can love us through anything. The Bible says that we should love like God loves. Now if you think about yourself and all your sins, aren’t you glad God loved you and forgave you? We should be like Christ and do the same.  We must see everyone, yes even the ones who have betrayed us, as God’s children.  When you see the bigger picture and see that person as an imperfect soul, you will be able to release the bitterness and anger and pray for them. You will be able to see the bigger picture and be free yourself. 

Don’t go another day living with a weight on your back. Free yourself. Forgive.