Family Night Discussion Points for Sunday, January 5th, 2020

Next Level – Day 1 “I Commit To Go To The Next Level”

We’re excited to begin our 21 Days of Consecration – and excited to include our middle and high school students this year! We thought it would be fitting to kick off the devotional reading by doing it as a family; to set the tone and give everyone a strong, united start to the fast.

We have provided a few talking points that you can use to facilitate the discussion of today’s reading with your family – feel free to add your own!

I. Open in prayer

II. Ask someone to read the Introduction on page 1

III. Turn to page 2 and read the title and scripture. Allow each person to share what the scripture means to them as it relates to our fast.

IV. Read through bullet point #1
A. What are some ways you can set yourself up for success during the fast?
B. What does it mean to you to embrace Next Level Living?

V. Read through bullet point #2
A. What are some of the current patterns you want to change during the fast?
B. How will these changes impact your life?

VI. Read through bullet point #3
A. What are some of the gifts and talents you possess?
B. How can you use your gifts and talents to glorify God?

VII. Read through bullet point #4
A. Name some of the ways you can make an impact for Jesus Christ
B. Do you anticipate any challenges as you go through this fast?
C. If so, how do you plan to overcome them to be successful?

VIII. Close in prayer

Download the Family Night Discussion Points